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Hermiston, Oregon

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All About Busy Bee

We Intend To:
• Provide a safe and secure environment for children

• Educate, encourage and motivate children to do their
personal best and to reach their potential

• Immerse children in the love of God and expose them to
Christian values

• Be a support to and a 'partner' with their parents

• Be a positive model of an optimistic life view

• Form strong, long-lasting relationships
and build beautiful memories.

Hello. My name is Mary Shaver.
I am the owner and director at Busy Bee Preschool & Child Care. I have been caring for children for over 35 years. I am certified in First Aid, Adult & Child CPR, and I have my Food Handlers Certificate. I have been certified for "Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way", and I am on Step 9 of the Oregon Registry. I have 3 adult children. I opened Busy Bee Preschool & Child Care because I love children!                              We promise to nurture your child as though he/she was our own.

We believe that children do better when they feel better about themselves. Children become effective decision makers when they learn to be contributing members of a group. In our preschool, all the children have daily jobs that rotate. We try to involve children in problem solving. We believe mistakes are opportunities to learn. When discipline becomes necessary, we try to apply these criteria: 
  • Is it firm and kind at the same time?
  • Does it help children feel a sense of belonging and significance?
  • Is it effective long term?
  • Does it teach valuable social and life skills and good character?

An encouraged child does not need to misbehave. We believe that encouragement is the most effective way to change behavior.  Encouragement • Encouragement • Encouragement !

At Busy Bee Preschool & Child Care we focus on: 

Character Development ~ Teaching children manners, responsibility, honesty, the importance of values and making good decisions.
School Readiness ~ Children who complete our program are ready to be leaders in their kindergarten classes.
Nature Experiences ~ We spend a lot of time outdoors where our children enjoy playing in our large playground; we also do a lot of nature activities.
Brain Development Through Motor Skills ~ We incorporate the latest children's brain development research into our motor skills class (which also helps prevent childhood obesity).

There are jobs, careers, ministries and passions. For me, Busy Bee Preschool and Child Care is a ministry and a passion. I love everything about child care. I love the smell of crayons. I love the look on a child's face when he does something for the first time and is so proud. I love the way a tiny hand fits into mine. Nothing thrills me more than when a child says, "Teacher Mary, I love you!"  My days are filled with joy, adventure and excitement   

We are looking for children who have been taught some basic manners. We are not looking for perfect children, by any means; but we also are not looking for children with major behavior issues. I believe the good of the group outweighs the good of the individual. Children with major issues need to be in small groups where they can get more individual attention.  

I deal with the children with my heart. At Busy Bee Preschool & Child Care we recognize that parents have difficult schedules and we try to support you the best we can. We are open days, nights, overnights & weekends so that your schedule can be accommodated. We strive to make it easier on parents by giving them the peace of mind that their children are in good hands.

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