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Photos & Parent Praises

We love our families, and our families love us! 
Read what they have to say:

Our favorite thing about Busy Bee is the loving and caring environment. Denver loves the frequent field trips and all the arts and crafts! Busy Bee has helped my son grow and learn way beyond the other children I see going into kindergarten. Mary and John care about my son as though he was truly a part of their family. I enjoy seeing all the neat projects they work on from day to day, and I love to hear Denver tell about what he learned that day. Our son is very happy going to Busy Bee. I frequently have people tell me how smart and polite my son is. A big 'Thank You' to Busy Bee for helping my son blossom."
Chandra Eng, parent of Denver, age 3

Words cannot begin to express the satisfaction we have experienced with Busy Bee Preschool. Our son Abel started at Busy Bee in September. Initially we were a bit hesitant about how Abel might perform since he was Spanish-speaking only. During the first few days his teacher, Mary, kept reassuring us that he would do well.  Indeed, it has not taken long to notice that Abel's English has dramatically increased.  It makes us very proud that he is not only learning to speak English but that he is learning to speak it well. The best part of Busy Bee is the atmosphere of respect that has been created for both the children and staff. Being Christian-based, Busy Bee has helped our son to develop not only intellectually but also morally. Our family places a high value on morality; we believe that morality is a key aspect of human life that allows a person to develop human excellence. Busy Bee has truly impressed our family with the quality of education each child receives. We admire the attention and respect that each child receives. Busy Bee staff does an excellent job of validating each and every one of its preschoolers. To achieve excellence in big things you must start by developing the habits in the little matters. We firmly believe that Busy Bee is doing this for each child by encouraging each one to reach their potential while learning to respect one another. Aristotle said, 'Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.' We believe Busy Bee is creating the foundation for our son's lifetime.
Luz Martell, parent of Abel

Busy Bee has been a true blessing to our family. We have gone through several child care providers in the past, with no luck. There would always be something that eventually didn't work out. But our luck changed when we were referred to Busy Bee. We have seen what a positive effect it has had on our daughter, Jolene. From praying before meals to making her bed and putting her toys away without having to be prompted, she has shown us that she is truly happy there and looks forward to going every day. We have had a hard time trying to explain to Jolene that she can't go on the weekends!
Lalo and Joanna Romero, parents of Jolene, Age 4


Our child Riley started Busy Bee just a short time ago.  Within that time he has made great strides towards being caught up with children her own age in all areas.  Prior to Busy Bee, Riley was in a private care situation with older siblings. We noticed that she was not progressing in her speech, in communication of wants and needs, as well as in basic tasks.  We struggled with finding a place that was willing and able to give our daughter the chance and the patience that she needed to move forward. When I met with Mary and expressed my concerns she was very understanding and showed a genuinme interest in Riley right from the start.  Mary and John Shaver welcomed Riley into their Preschool with open arms, open minds and most importantly open hearts.  Riley has improved so much in her speech as well as her ability to communicate what she wants and/or needs.  She is showing more independence and confidence in herself and her abilities.  I can't thank Mary and John enough for accepting Riley into their program. As a parent, I know it is difficult to leave your child in another person's care.  I am so grateful to be able to leave my child in an environment that I know is safe and healthy, with people who want to see her succeed and feel confident.  We are excited to continue Riley's beginning education and socialization at Busy Bee PreSchool. We are confident that we have found the place where our daughter will thrive.
Deana and Kevin Cordell, parents of Riley, age 4

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